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At Amaraa, we proudly and exclusively use superior hair extensions by Única Collection.

Única Collection is a unique and unmatched collection of premium hair extensions.

When you combine the best hair extension product on the market with the #1 extension application method, the results are beyond impressive.



Our unique methods offer an extension solution for all hair types. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair.


Pain-free methods that offer comfort and flexibility in hair movement immediately after application.


Our signature stitching, beading and placement results in long lasting application wear times.

Great hair takes time, but you don’t have to wait for yours

After a decade in the making, Única was created by industry professionals as the solution for women wanting incredible hair without compromise. The luxury double-drawn, cuticle aligned, European human hair extensions by Única Collection, maximise appearance, comfort, texture, and longevity, whilst minimising scalp damage and extension application times.

Available at Amaraa


Pain-free and flexible hair immediately after install. No hair or scalp tension.


Exceptional longevity, and your natural hair remains undamaged. 


A seamless blend offering no unsightly exposure spots. 


Única Hand Tied Wefts Hair Extensions

Única hand tied wefts are the flattest, most flexible, and durable extension hair type. Made by hand in individual pieces, these wefts are the industry game changer. 

Offering 8-12 weeks wear, in between maintenance. Comfortable to wear, no pain or discomfort, invisible when wearing up and damage free. A maximum of 6 wefts can be installed per row.

Made without glues, silicones, or plastics. Hand-tied weft hair can last up to 12 months, with correct care. Made for fine hair clients and suitable for all scalps & hair types.


Discover the Two Key Methods for Achieving Natural-Looking Hand Tied Wefts

ÚNICA Invisible Bead (UIB)

  • The most requested method and hair type for consumer and stylist
  • Suitable for all hair types and styles
  • ultra-flat and completely invisible and customisable
  • premium offering targeted towards long-term extension wearers

ÚNICA Micro Flat Track (MFT)

  • The original flat track method
  • suitable for clients with medium-thick hair types only
  • time efficient applications and long lasting wefts
  • cost effective hair and maintenance option

Extensions for every crown

Made for fine hair clients, suitable for all hair types. With 16 customisable shades, we’ve got your colour palette.

Speak to our hair technicians about colour preferences,  lengths, desired weight and volume, and your level of maintenance.


















The only hair extensions of their kind

Our hair tribe spoke, and we listened.

There is finally a product offering premium quality hair, comfort and longevity. Did we mention they are the flattest extensions on the market, completely invisible and damage free? 

Our Única Collection hair extensions are:

  • Quality made from non-toxic, kind ingredients
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Long-lasting, durable between appointments 
  • Won’t damage your hair or scalp
  • Flexible payment options available 

At Amaraa, we proudly and exclusively use superior hair extensions and care products by Única Collection, Mr Smith and Evo.

And yes, all products are vegan and sulphate, paraben and nasty-free.



Única Collection hair is extra thick and ultra double drawn from the roots to the ends.

The collection is cuticle aligned ‘remy’, meaning when all the hair is collected it remains in the same direction from the cuticle downwards which keeps the hair tangle free.


Our hair extensions are silky smooth, with a soft wavy texture, easily heat styled and holds its style for up to 5 days – with no waves dropping when you get home. We have created a detailed aftercare guide to help you maintain your extensions and gain maximum lifespan.


Our manufacturing process eliminates hair imperfections to deliver a superior hair collection. From hair to our packaging, our products are sustainably sourced and made from recycled materials. Experience the finest quality, created by industry professionals to maximise appearance, comfort, colour, texture, and longevity.

Amaraa's specialty touch and application methods are unparalleled

At Amaraa, we offer custom application methods designed to cater to all hair and scalp types. For clients with fine hair, our highly sought-after Única Collection Invisible Bead method (UIB) provides an exceptionally comfortable wearing experience. This unique hand-tied technique ensures seamless application with complete invisibility, granting you ultimate flexibility and zero scalp damage. Not only that, but our method also minimises extension application times, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful results in no time.

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At Amaraa, we exclusively employ the renowned Única Invisible Bead (UIB) method, which stands as the most sought-after invisible hair extension technique in the industry. This exceptional approach delivers exceptional outcomes for clients seeking to enhance their hair’s volume, length, and thickness, all while safeguarding their natural hair and scalp from harm.

Bid farewell to loose ends, flipped corners, and bulky roots, as our seamless invisible hair dreams become your reality.

Remy hair means the hair cuticles are intact and aligned downward in the same direction as your natural hair. This hair is less likely to knot and matt compared to non-remy hair extensions.

Double drawn is where strands of hair are the same length from top to bottom of each extension set, and where the shorter hairs are removed from the extensions. This creates a full and thick extension from root to end.

Única Hair has a natural texture wave. Our hair can be heat styled curly or straight and will hold style very well.

Our hair extensions are available in 18 inch and 22 inch, with custom length orders available. We offer a wide range in our colour chart from blonde and brunette, to root faded, dimensional balayage customised shades.

Única Hair Extensions can be coloured. If you choose to do so, we recommend colouring services are only performed by approved salons and licensed hairdressing professionals. We do not recommend colour toning shampoos, such as purple shampoo.

No, unfortunately you cannot perform any harsh chemical processes on Única Hair Extensions, such as perming or chemically straightening. If you choose to do so, it will severely compromise hair extension quality.
Products used on Única Hair Extensions must be free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, citrus extracts, keratin, proteins, derived proteins and hydrolysed proteins, Only use of recommended products by a certified stylist can guarantee maximum lifespan of your hair extensions.

You cannot apply keratin smoothing treatment to Única Hair Extensions. However, once the extensions have been removed, you can apply the keratin smoothing treatment to your natural hair and have the weft reapplied afterwards. Following the treatment to your natural hair only, both your hair and the extensions must remain straightened and smooth for 3 days.

You should never experience pain with hair extensions. Imagine the feeling of putting on a new hat, something is on your head, but it’s not uncomfortable. As your scalp adjusts to the extra weight, you forget they are even there.
Yes, it is normal to experience some shedding with hair extensions. However, extensive shedding will only result from incorrect maintenance and aftercare.
Proper aftercare and adherence to maintenance guidelines are crucial to preserving the health of your hair and scalp when using extensions. It’s important to note that neglecting these instructions or exceeding the recommended pull up timeframe can potentially result in damage to your natural hair.
Both saltwater and chlorine can be detrimental to both our natural hair and hair extensions, as they have a drying effect on both the hair strands and the scalp. These substances strip away essential moisture, causing dehydration. This lack of moisture can result in various issues such as split ends, knots, breakage, and significant dryness. It is crucial to protect your hair from saltwater and chlorine exposure to maintain its health and vitality.

Hand-tied wefts are meticulously crafted using a hand-stitched technique, requiring approximately one hour per weft to create. It’s important to note that these wefts should not be cut, as doing so may cause unravelling and significant shedding.

Única hand-tied wefts offer the flattest extension option and remarkable customisability while minimising shedding. These wefts can be reused and boast an average lifespan of 12 months. For application, we utilise the Única invisible bead method, ensuring a seamless and undetectable result.

Machine wefts are a double line stitched weft made via a large sewing machine. Machine wefts can be cut and re-sewn several applications worth. Machine wefts are only suitable for thicker density hair clients and offer less flexibility and comfort.

Hair extensions are not intact human hair so they have no moisture supply as they aren’t attached to a live hair cell. Therefore we must always be adding moisture back into the hair to keep it hydrated, soft and smooth.

It’s essential to understand that the lifespan of hair extensions is not forever, as every time we wash, heat style, colour, or expose them to environmental wear and tear, we break down the moisture bonds.

Única Hair extensions are designed to offer exceptional longevity and durability. They are a luxury European grade of hair, using the highest quality remy human hair. On average, our extensions have a lifespan of 12 months when properly cared for and maintained. With regular maintenance and following our recommended guidelines for washing, styling, and storage, you can enjoy the beauty and quality of Única Hair extensions throughout the year.
This depends on each individual and their scalp and targeted look. Our hand tied wefts with our invisible bead method can last 8-10+ weeks.

To ensure optimal results, we kindly request that you arrive with clean hair, free from any styling products.

Additionally, please refrain from having a Keratin Smoothing Treatment at least 72 hours prior to your extension application. We value your vision for your dream hair, so please bring along any photo inspirations that capture your desired look.

To provide you with the utmost attention and care, we kindly ask that you confirm the duration of your appointment in advance. We never rush any of our services and want to ensure that we allocate ample time to meet your needs and expectations.

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