About Amaraa

The Team

Eliza - Founder of Amaraa

Eliza Gomez founded Amaraa Hair in 2021. As the visionary behind Amaraa Hair Salon, Eliza boasts an exceptional portfolio of credentials highlighting her vast expertise in the hair industry. As a multi certified extensionist, esteemed business coach, and in-demand hair educator, her career is marked by innovation and mastery.

Eliza’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of hair care and beauty. She is not only a qualified hairdresser but also a trichologist, a master hair extensionist, a hair-care product innovator, and a global hair extension producer. Each of these roles underscores her expansive knowledge and dedication to the hair industry, where Eliza has unparalleled insight into the field.

Beyond her impressive individual credentials, Eliza leads a remarkable team at Amaraa Hair. Every member brings specialised training and shares a collective dedication to hair care excellence and outstanding customer service and care.

Cheryl - Head Stylist / Manager Of Amaraa

In 2007, Cheryl moved from her hometown of Esperance to Perth to pursue her dreams in hairdressing. After earning her qualification, her skills and passion quickly led her to a position as a Salon Manager by 2012.

These early stages of her career were crucial in sharpening her ability to deliver both modern and timeless hairstyles. Cheryl values the personal connections she forms with clients, always aiming to meet their unique needs.

To stay current with the latest industry trends and to learn from skilled stylists worldwide, Cheryl regularly attends workshops, seminars, and engages in online and one-on-one education.

Now, as the Head stylist and manager at Amaraa and a certified Unica Collection extensionist, Cheryl is eager to share her expertise and love for hairstyling with a larger clientele in Perth.

As an extension specialist, Cheryl has the necessary expertise to skillfully carry out hair extension transformations. Her main motivation comes from helping clients achieve their dream looks, and seeing the joy on their faces afterward continually reinforces her love for the hair industry.

Lexi - Senior Stylist

Lexi has demonstrated a commendable commitment to her hairdressing career since 2019.

Her notable achievement of receiving the Trainers Choice Award for “Self Motivation and Dedication” at her Tafe graduation in 2021, underscores her exemplary work ethic and devotion to excellence.

With a particular passion for blondes, lived-in colours, and colour transformations, Lexi brings a fresh, vibrant energy to the salon environment, seamlessly integrating into the team dynamic.

“As a team, we are driven to help our clients feel the best versions of themselves using our genuine desire to empower and transform women through the creation of extraordinary hair.”

Our Mission

To consistently deliver exceptional services and
luxury products.

Our Vision

To inspire, innovate and revolutionise the hair industry.

Our Promise

We are committed to supplying the highest quality hair products, and premium customer service.