Amaraa Hair –
Introducing Perth’s Own High End Luxury Hair Salon

We’re so excited about the upcoming launch of our brand-new salon set to open its doors this November. Our Mount Hawthorn salon has been a true passion project, with owner Eliza working tirelessly on the build while also tending to her loyal client base.

In our first blog post, we’re eager to delve into the essence of Amaraa, unveil the exciting offerings of our fresh new salon, and discuss how we’re dedicated to delivering a distinctive and luxurious hair experience in Perth.

Who we are & what we do

We are a team of highly skilled and qualified hair technicians, led by industry expert Eliza Gomez. Our key areas of expertise are within hand-tied weft extensions, where we exclusively use premium Unica hair extensions. We are also hair colouring experts, from glowing blondes to rich brunettes and every shade in between. Additionally, our services extend to professional hair styling, including on-location and call out bridal hair services.

Hair extensions

One of our key offerings are hand-tied weft hair extensions, a method known for its seamless integration and ability to add volume and length without damaging your natural hair. Our expertly trained stylists ensure that each strand is meticulously placed, creating a stunning, natural look that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful.

Keratin hair smoothing treatment

Our Keratin hair treatment is a revolutionary process that tames frizz and smooths hair, resulting in silky, glossy hair that’s easy to manage and style. This transformative treatment is perfect for those seeking smoother, healthier-looking hair with lasting results.

Hair colouring

As hair colour specialists, we stay ahead of the trends, offering a wide range of colouring techniques from balayage to foils, from subtle shades to dramatic transformations. Our colourists work with you to create the perfect hue that enhances your skin tone, fits your lifestyle, and brings your vision to life.

Hair styling

Hair styling at Amaraa includes glamorous waves, up-dos, stunning extension transformations, and those coveted bouncy blowouts. No matter the hairstyle you’re envisioning, our team is dedicated to bringing your dream look to life. We also offer specialised bridal hair styling services.

The Amaraa team

We take immense pride in having some of Perth’s most seasoned and highly qualified hair technicians within the Amaraa team. Our team members transcend the role of just hair stylists; they are true artists, educators, and nurturing professionals, all united in their commitment to provide our clients with an exceptional, individualised experience.

Our stylists’ expertise is matched by their deep passion for their craft, resulting in every visit to Amaraa Hair being a distinctive and indulgent occasion.

Our core focus and philosophy

Our focus is to bring a new luxury hair experience to Perth through offering premium hair services in a luxe salon environment.

We have 3 key focus areas which underpin our philosophy and everything we do at Amaraa.

1. Empowerment

Our aim is to nurture self-confidence within our valued clients. Prioritising their needs and preferences, and actively supporting them on their hair transformation journey, stands as a paramount commitment for us. When you join the Amaraa tribe, you become a part of a supportive community where everyone is valued equally.

2. Transformation

Our clients rightfully deserve to both look and feel beautiful. Our services are thoughtfully crafted to elevate their unique aesthetic and seamlessly enhance their innate beauty.

3. Education

Our objective is to share knowledge, with both our clients to and the wider Perth hair community, regarding the latest advancements in hair services and innovative techniques. We strive to promote the most effective practices for cultivating and elevating hair health, which includes educating individuals about the right premium hair brands and products to integrate into their personal hair care regimens.

The Amaraa experience

We provide an exclusive and luxury experience for our clients at our salon, by providing an ambiance that encourages relaxation and revitalisation. We firmly hold the belief that a visit to the hair salon should never feel like a chore; instead, it should serve as an opportunity for our clients to unwind, pamper themselves, and leave feeling refreshed, confident and rejuvenated.

Not your standard hair salon

As you step into our high end luxury hair salon, you’ll be embraced by an ambiance of opulence. Here, you’ll discover a complete experience, complete with a fully stocked bar, a serene relaxation lounge, and an artfully curated gift boutique.

Take a moment to relax and indulge in one of our signature cocktails, or savour a carefully prepared coffee from our neighbouring baristas. Choose from a diverse selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and enjoy a delicious bite to eat from our thoughtfully designed menu.

A commitment to excellence through and through

Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of our approach at Amaraa Hair. We take great pride in our unwavering dedication to providing premium services that bring the utmost benefit to our discerning clientele.

Furthermore, we are exclusive retailers of high end brands, such as the Única Collection of hair extensions, and Mr. Smith and Evo Hair products. Our product selection adheres to the highest standards of quality and care, being both vegan-friendly and free from sulfates and parabens. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and care.

Genuine, personalised care

The Amaraa team consists of exceptionally skilled and certified hair technicians, armed with cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, ready to meet your unique requirements.

Our specialised services are meticulously crafted to not only meet but surpass the highest standards in hair care and styling.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every client leaves our salon with a renewed sense of vitality, where they can showcase the best version of themselves with confidence.

Our mission statement and promise to our clients

‘Aspiring To Inspire, Innovate, Educate And Revolutionise The Hair Industry’

At Amaraa Hair, we see ourselves as more than a salon; we are a dynamic, passionate community deeply devoted to the world of hair. Our mission is to continually challenge and reshape industry standards, as we aim to consistently provide a holistic luxury experience.

Our goal extends beyond the surface; we are dedicated to empowering women, fostering their confidence by enhancing their beauty inside and out. This mission is not only our guiding principle, but it also forms the very essence of our tribe’s ethos. We strive to create a lasting impact, nurturing a sense of self-assuredness and pride that resonates far beyond the salon’s doors.

Our mission is more than a statement; it serves as our tribe’s mantra, our reason for being, and the driving force behind every interaction, service, and relationship we cultivate at Amaraa Hair.

Our future vision

At Amaraa Hair, we acknowledge the competitive landscape of hair salons and beauty services in Western Australia. However, we firmly believe our unique business model sets us apart.

Our exceptional combination of specialised, high-quality services, unwavering commitment to client empowerment and education, and carefully curated experience redefine the concept of luxury in Perth. We’ve crafted an all-encompassing beauty journey that goes beyond traditional salon services, offering a holistic and transformative luxury experience.

Furthermore, we value sustainable and holistic beauty practices. Our diverse hair services and range of premium eco-friendly hair and body products address our clients’ overall well-being and beauty needs, all under one roof.

We stay proactive, constantly adapting to industry trends and advancements. Our commitment lies with innovation and client-centricity, rather than our competition, which fuels our ongoing growth and success.

About the CEO – Eliza Gomez

Eliza, the founder of Amaraa Hair Salon, holds an impressive array of credentials that underpin her comprehensive expertise in the hair industry. As a multi awarded Certified Extensionist, a respected Business Coach, and a sought-after Hair Educator, she has had an extensive career threaded with innovation and skill.

Eliza’s qualifications extend to several facets of hair care and beauty, including roles as a qualified hairdresser, a trichologist, master hair extensionist, hair-care product formulator, and a global hair extension manufacturer. Each of these roles showcases her wide-ranging knowledge and unwavering commitment to the industry. Her diverse expertise gives her a deep understanding of the field that’s second to none.

Beyond her extensive personal qualifications, Eliza leads an extraordinary team of professionals at Amaraa Hair, each possessing specialised training and a united commitment to excellence in hair care and customer service.

Under Eliza’s guidance, her team thrives, driven not only by her expertise but also by her profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies and nuances. Together, Eliza and her team work harmoniously towards their shared mission, establishing a salon environment where innovation, transformation, and empowerment are more than ideals— they are the everyday practice.

Eliza explains;

“Our team is not just focused on delivering high-quality hair services; we are wholeheartedly invested in empowering and transforming the lives of our clients. We seek to help them tap into their full potential, boost their confidence, and showcase their unique beauty through the creation of extraordinary hair. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the hair industry and ensure our clients always feel like the best version of themselves when they walk out of our salon.”

This vision, coupled with Eliza and her team’s genuine desire to make a positive difference, serves as the driving force behind Amaraa Hair’s pursuit to inspire, innovate, and reshape the landscape of the hair industry.

Book into Amaraa Salon for a unmatched luxury hair experience

At Amaraa Hair, your hair dreams become a reality. Whether you desire a complete transformation or a subtle enhancement, we welcome you in.

If you’re eager to bring your hair goals to life or are simply on the lookout for a hair salon that goes the extra mile to provide the luxury experience you’ve been seeking, don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment or consultation with us today.

Keep your eyes peeled for the unveiling of our new Mount Hawthorn salon in November.